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What is it like to travel solo all over the world? What are the challenges? And what do I love about it? How do I manage my work? What kind of remote work do I do? What is the nomad life really like?  All this in this section of my blog 🙂

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Solo Driving to Arunachala Mahadeepam, How to Enter Town: Chikkaballapur – Bangalore – Krishnagiri – Tiruvannamalai 
Not aware about the mega Tiruvannamalai mahadeepam festival? Read this blog post on my solo yatra at this event where 10 – 20 lakh devotees drop in. Naturally, due to the high number of devotees coming in, entry into town is a tough matter especially on the evening...
Arunachala Mahadeepam, Tiruvannamalai: My Solo Yatra on Karthik Purnima
Finally, after many years of thinking and considering, I went to the Arunachala Mahadeepam 2023. It is an overwhelming prospect due to the millions of devotees who flock to this small town of Tiruvannamalai to partake in the event on the full-moon night of Karthik...
Ahmedabad to Coimbatore, Solo, Self Driving Road Trip
Feb 2023 had an interesting adventure in store for me. I started off on a self-driving road trip from Ahmedabad to Coimbatore on 28th January. This what my route looked like, pretty straight forward highway route. Ahmedabad - Surat - Mumbai - Pune - Kolhapur - Belgaum...
It’s a Lot More Vulnerable to Be Walking Small Roads Than Cycling! Introvert Diaries!
I have a penchant of exploring routes and roads. Inevitably, I find myself on completely new roads on the map. Smaller trails are most exciting for me - though, I am also very wary of those. Because of dogs, but also potential lack of safety from other dangers. I...
Scared to Travel Solo? [Podcast]

Scared to Travel Solo? [Podcast]

Don't you get scared to travel solo? Is it safe? How do you tackle your fears? I face a plethora of questions around this theme quite often. Especially after I talk about my solo cycling adventures or getting lost on a solo hike. So on the first episode of my travel...

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Year in Review: 7 Months Travelling

Year in Review: 7 Months Travelling

It's that time of the year again when I write year-end review posts, take some time out to evaluate how I am doing and fine tune my life! Since last year, I have been doing my year end reviews according to the Indian traditional calendars - Vikram and Veer Samvat...

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