Complete guidebook to this iconic Shiva statue

Coimbatore Adiyogi with a few lotus props used in previous night MSR event

Who is Adiyogi?

The one idea, “a human being can cross all limitations and attain mukti (liberation)” is the centerpiece of the entire Indic culture. It doesn’t matter what caste, creed, religion, gender the person is, they can all strive for mukti. There has never been a more revolutionary idea on the planet. It was Adiyogi who put this idea and the hunger for mukti into the Saptarishis along with complete knowlege of all comprehensive ways to attain this mukti. This is the source of the different spiritual cultures on this planet. Sadhguru thus, acknowleges this invaluable contribution with this monument.

Traditionally, this is the Shiva form called Dakshinamurthy – Shiva who turned south and became a Guru for the saptarishis. Since, Sadhguru is from the Yogic lineage, he has chosen to refer to this being as Adiyogi.

There are two official Sadhguru videos that puts his thoughts very clearly, but before that:

Adiyogi Book: Sadhguru released a book on the Adiyogi , it is probably the best place to read up on Who Adiyogi is! Get the book on Sadhguru’s official website IshaLife at discounted rate. Or it is also available here on Amazon.

The first 112 ft Adiyogi shiva statue was inaugurated at the Coimbatore Isha Yoga Center in 2017. It has enthralled visitors and has quickly become an iconic image representing India and its ancient Shiva deity.

This page is the most detailed and complete guidebook for this monument built by spiritual leader Sadhguru and his in-house team. Whether you are planning a visit, researching info or looking for accessories – this is the one stop page for all the relevant information.

I am a volunteer at Adiyogi and Isha ashram. I aim to provide you with the right information to the best of my knowledge. The few ads and affiliate links help me fund this page maintenance

Information on the Adiyogi Divya Darshanam aka Light Show

Getting the best seats, ticket prices (free), timings and more about this very popular daily laser show event!

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Official Adiyogi Merchandize: Isha Life

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Plan Your Visit


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Mahashivratri @ Adiyogi

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Adiyogi Temple Complex

Yogeshwar Temple

The temple below. Yogeshwar Linga is the consecrated deity in the Adiyogi temple. Yogeshwar mandapam is found at all locations – Coimbatore, Bangalore (Chikkaballapur) and also the 21 ft USA statue!  Know all about it in this blog post.

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Dhyanalinga Temple

The MAIN MISSION of Sadhguru’s life has been to consecrate THIS temple. Located at Coimbatore Isha Ashram, this is a must visit when you plan your visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Adiyogi

What Time Should You Visit the Adiyogi?

It depends on what you want to experience. Usually, people come for the 3D light show, this happens in the evening at 7pm. I have written a detailed guide for this here.

If you want the place to be emptier and quieter than usual, try early mornings on weekdays. That’s my fav time. Light show on weekday when it is emptier than usual is my second best time 🙂

Why is Adiyogi Statue so Famous?

It has captured India’s imagination. It sparks pride in their ancient heritage and one of their favourite deities – Shiva! Scenic beauty of the location and aesthetic temples adds to the marvel that this location is.

Can we Stay at Adiyogi?

The Isha Yoga Center, where Coimbatore Adiyogi is located, has cottages and other stay options. Please contact to know more. Or call +91-8300083111

Adiyogi Bangalore center does not have any stay options as of now.

How Much is the Cost to Visit Adiyogi?

Adiyogi and the yoga center built around it – the visitors area is free and open for all to visit and experience. Visitor area includes Adiyogi shiva statue, temples, cafes and amenities.

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